Unique content online has been shown to drastically improve visitor retention and brand awareness. Economically building a live production model involves technologies across many disciplines including lighting, cameras, sound, graphics, and live streaming.

Top manufacturers will be demonstrating leading products in each of these core areas, along with all of the other ancillary devices and solutions you need to complete your live production.

More technology = more decisions. This expo will help enable you to make the right decisions on technology upgrades and refreshes, in addition to new workflows and possibilities.

Already have an idea what technology solutions your project needs? Perhaps you’d like to investigate further to ensure there are no surprises. The experts on hand will help take the guesswork and surprises out of new technology implementations by getting hands on with the technology.

Technology Workflow Demonstrations

Social Media

A complete mobile green screen studio designed for immediate content production for your website, Facebook Live or YouTube. Perfect for organizations big or small to get their message out quickly and professionally. This configuration can be packed in a fly kit for easy transit or permanently set up as a small studio on premise.

Education & Local Government

From morning announcements to community television this multi-camera ‘talk show’ format demonstration will show you how simple and easy it is to produce professional broadcast television quality programming. Whether your output is streaming to classrooms or uplink to a local cable provider or simply on your website, this cost-effective technology can be managed by professionals and volunteers like.


Perhaps the most complex live production workflows commonly seen, sports events typically use a multitude of cameras and a variety of audio sources. Add to the mix motion graphics, scoreboards, action replay and social media integration and even the simplest event can quickly become complex. Come learn how to simplify this process and minimize the number of operators you need with integrated solutions and automation.


Taking sports production to whole new level, E-Gaming is fast-paced and has technical requirements often beyond traditional broadcast technology. See the latest in 1080P 60 production switching over IP as we have players battle head-to-head in a live switched E-Gaming demonstration, whether it’s for live streaming or IMAG within a venue.